Area of Ministry:

I serve as Elder and as Director of Hospitality. Our aim is to help people feel and experience God’s unconditional love and the value He has for their life the moment they walk through our doors.



I grew up Catholic in my native Bavaria (Germany). After moving to the USA at 21 years old, I completely abandoned God for several years. The good news is He didn’t abandon me. He later used a new boyfriend to ask the question, “if you died tonight, would you go to Heaven?” This question prompted a decision to repent and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It’s been a wonderful process of growth and a beautiful journey walking with the Lord. That same boyfriend has now been my loving husband for the last 22 years. 

I’ve experienced my share of tragedies and difficulties, including individual suicides of multiple and close family members. Through it all God has never left me and has assured me of His love. My name, “Gabriele” is from the Hebrew meaning, “God is my strength.” He truly has been my source of strength all the way. 



My husband Greg and I married in 1996. We currently care for his 81-year-old mom, and also live with two active rescue dogs, a cat, and a bird. 


What do you like to do in your free time?

Since we both love the outdoors and have two active dogs, Greg and I enjoy long walks or bicycle rides on the beach, on the golf course, and in the beauty of God’s creation all around us. I also enjoy reading, and cooking (mostly healthy), yummy, and colorful foods. 


Fun Facts:

I have chosen not to bake. I figured, I’d be REALLY good at it. Combine that with my sweet tooth, I would likely ENJOY it too much and not be able to keep up with the necessary dieting…ha-ha…